FireworksMaker 1.2

Making fireworks through chat

  1. datdenkikniet
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.11
    A plugin that allows you to make Firework Containers and Firework Effects through chat.
    Firework containers
    - Give your firework a nice name
    - contains all the firework effects for the firework
    - edit the flight time of your firework

    Firework effects
    - Basically a Firework Star, but "craftable" through chat commands.

    fireworksmaker.use - to allow a player to use the /fireworkmaker command
    fireworksmaker.admin - to allow a player to use /fireworkmaker reload, to reload the firework data from the config and to use /fireworkmaker clear, to clear all fireworks

Recent Updates

  1. Fixed issues
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