FirstJoin 1.0

Customize the join message of a new player. With more features!

  1. Scholler
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    (NOTE That this was tested in 1.12.2, it should work in other versions. I will try to test it in other versions)


    A plugin to customize the join message of a new player, or for anyone else.


    -Change join message of a new player
    -Change join message of anyone.


    Code (Text):
    permission: firstjoin.command
    ShowJoinMsgWhenNotNew: false
    MessageWhenNotNew: '&cGlad you''re with us again, {PLAYER}!'
    joinmsg: '&cWelcome {PLAYER} at our server! This is the first time you''re playing!'

    After installing the plugin, re-join your server. It should broadcast joinmsg, and add ,,{playername}: joined'' to the config.yml. To manually add a player, just do the same thing (add {playername}: joined to config.yml).
    If ShowJoinMsgWhenNotNew is true, it will broadcast MessageWhenNotNew if a player who is NOT new joins to the server. If it's false, then.. it will not broadcast.
    (As you can see, you can use {PLAYER} in joinmsg and MessageWhenNotNew. This will be replaced with the player's name.)


    Permission: firstjoin.command (can be changed in config.yml)
    This will send ALL of the players' names who are listed in the config.yml.
    /FirstJoin reload
    Permission: same...
    This will reload the configuration if you changed something.

    Every server should have a custom join message. This is a very simple, but useful plugin for those servers. Updates, easy to use and if you want me to add a feature, you can write it in Discussions.
    Also, if something is not working, just tell me in the Discussions and I will fix it.​