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Execute lines of commands from console when a player first joined.

  1. Gober
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    Gober, Taffyme
    So, I'm making a plugin for my server that executes a lines of command when a player firstly joined.

    So I actually tought that people might need this cause I either cannot find a plugin like this in spigot.

    Well here it is for you!

    Usage ideas:
    • Changing the player's default group by executing a console command that changes the player group.
    • Greet the player with Sound Effects
    • Execute a special command (e.g: giving him a kit, items, customitems, whatever)
    • Welcome title, action bar with other plugin.
    • Giving certain xp levels, balance, moneys.
    • Limitless Possibilities!
    Commands: /flc (Reload the plugin) [Perm Reqiured: flc.reload]

    • %PLAYER% (player name)
    How to split? Simply put a semi colon ';' on every command you want to split. The command is executed from the right to the left!

    Enjoy using it :) and if you found bugs or glitches or whatever, please do not use the review section to report them. But use the Spigot Conversationf feature ( PM ME ).