FirstWriteGame [Free] 1.0

Fun Chat Activity!

  1. ItsDezzen
    FirstWriteGame - Fun Chat Activity!

    This game actually is a fun little chat event.
    The admin types the command and choose the word, time (for the players) and amount of money.
    The server automatically broadcast a message that include the word and the money.
    If the time is up, the game is over and nobody gets the money.
    The first player to write in the chat the correct word (case sensitive) wins the amount of money!



    • /startfwg Starts the game.
    • /stopfwg Stops the game.

    • "fwg.use" - allows to start \ stop the game.



Recent Reviews

  1. ferrinweb
    Version: 1.0
    I like it! do you have a plan to add a config.yml to it? and if it support chinese charactors?
  2. Raymart
    Version: 1.0
    nc Idea I think you need more work about this ! but I really like it
    and I will ask you for this
    may you put dependent plugin Vault at the description ? so they will be noticed