[FIX] Players don't show on join 0.2

Sometimes players don't show in tab / or in-game but the player is in server,

  1. Macxy
    This little tool is a fix for servers that having issue with players on join sometimes players don't show for other players and it's getting annoying i had this issue in my server for 2 weeks but i figured out the issue and this fixed it for me..

    What this tool do:
    It will hide players after he join with 10 seconds and in 2 ticks it will show them again " it will fix any kinda of errors that might plugins or bad connection do " so it's simple and no need for permissions to use

    Addons List:
    SkQuery3 - SkQuery4
    both in the folder
    and the main plugin: Skript

    /fix - it will hide and show players this also going to fix lagged players flying or under blocks =)
    /von - you need permission "c.v" for this command it vanish you and prevent you from getting damaged while in vanish mode
    /voff - you need the same permission for this command also it will show you and disable vanish

    when you in vanish mode it will allow you to fly, and can't be damaged

    - simple skript nothing special to it..
    it helped me and my server i don't see any harm of sharing it to help others..

    - Note: if you like to use this pls don't remove the on load credits =3 thats all i'm asking for ..

    # feel free to contact me on skype for skripts like this one or even hard one..
    i start making skripts since 2 months and i'm happy about the knowledge i have :3

    My Skype: craftksa.0503

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  1. Added a little config

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  1. SHeD7elK
    Version: 0.1
    thank you for this skript it is been 1 month i have a problem for reall it is a good skript and have a nice holiday ^_^