Fix 1.0.0(1.13)

Fix items with a simple command.

  1. 1.13 Fix update

    This version is purely made for 1.13.x

    Use 1.5 for earlier versions

    + Added /fix to only work on fixable items
    + /fix all will fix untill all items are fixed in 1s inventory OR they run out of money to do so.
    + fix and fix all price can have different prices

    - Removed any support on earlier versions than 1.13
  2. 1.5

    Players on my server noticed that doing /fix all while taking the amount required to fix the item it fixed, it didn't scan the armour..

    moved some stuff around and tested it for 1.9-1.12.2 . 1.8 remains untested
    Much easier to fix bugs aswell
  3. Added 1.8 support

    While I never really downsupport in any plugin unless I see the need for it.
    Thought this time...why not

    So upon a request I added 1.8 support for this plugin

    So for all those Very old servers still running 1.8 you can now use it :)

    Do note I wont go below 1.8....if it happens to work below that great otherwise well...sorry

    It has not been fully tested but atleast the fixing area works made sure of that.
  4. Permission and all item fix price

    This update is for those that want to separate fix types.

    Namely /fix and /fix all

    Each already had their own respective perms in regards to commands but shared price and free perm.
    But what if you want your early donaters to /fix all but at a charge. but because they fix it at ones give a small discount?

    and your highest donaters fix all for free?

    Now you can:


    price: 5000
    fixallprice: 4500
    prefix: '&3[&bFix&3]'
  5. feature.

    Added /fix all
    Permission: fix.items.all

    For any worrysome users.
    /fix all will first check the items needing fixing. Then calculate a price, check if the player can even pay that amount for both items and armour.(unless ofcourse they have perm.)
    If they cant afford it will not repair otherwise it will(obviously)

    No new messages added.

    * Fixed the bug where price wasn't read from config and default price always used
  6. Added hand fix...

    This just checks if its not null completely/no item in hand

    handfix: '&3Your hand has been...fixed?'

    Don't worry tho, it wont charge