FixingMinecraft 2.1

A plugin made to fix weird Minecraft Mechanics

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    • 1.16
    Fixing Minecraft

    Honestly this is just a fun little project I started working on after watching Grian's video on weird Minecraft mechanics.
    I decided to make this public for anyone to use if they want to play it with their friends on a server. This is only for 1.16 as it's the latest version. I will update it when updates release but for now this is what I have in the plugin.

    fm config <config name>
    fm info
    fm discord

    Version 1.0:
    - Stonecutter does damage when stood on.
    - Cacti no longer destroy items.
    - Buckets can no longer be burnt by lava.
    - Flower pots break when there is no block under it.
    - Animals killed on campfires drop cooked food (this includes the hoglin).
    Version 1.1:
    - Fixed Flowerpots with plants.
    Version 2.0:
    - Bamboo can be composted
    - Shulkers drop two shells
    - Craft chainmail armor with chains
    - Netherwart Block can be crafted to 9 nether wart.
    - Added Config Command

    This is all I have currently, if you have any suggestions join our discord server!

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