FixPreventer 1.0.1

Prevents items from getting repaired

  1. RaceShafter
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
    • 1.16


    With FixPreventer you can prevent Items from getting repaired.

    It is fully customizable.

    • /fixpreventer help
    • /fixpreventer prevent
    • fixpreventer.prevent
    • /fixpreventer superprevent
    • fixpreventer.prevent.super
    • /fixpreventer removeprevent
    • fixpreventer.prevent.remove
    • /fixpreventer removesuperprevent
    • fixpreventer.prevent.super.remove
    • fixpreventer.bypass.all
    • Bypass Permission for all protections
    • fixpreventer.bypass
    • Bypass Permission for FixPrevented items
    • fixpreventer.bypass.super
    • Bypass Permission for FixSuperPrevented items
    • fixpreventer.bypass.forbiddencommands
    • Bypass Permission for forbidden commands protection
    • fixpreventer.bypass.forbiddeninteractions
    • Bypass Permission for forbidden interactions protection
    • fixpreventer.bypass.mending
    • Bypass Permission for running mending enchantment protection
    • fixpreventer.bypass.anvil
    • Bypass Permission for anvil protection
    ToDo until the first official usable release:
    • Items cant be repaired through mending. DONE
    • Items cant be repaired in anvils but can be modified there. DONE
    • Items cant be repaired through commands like /fix. DONE
    • Custom messages. DONE
    • BugFix of one error in InventoryClickEventClass. DONE
    • Bypass permission to allow bypassing the protection. DONE
    • Forbid interaction with blocks which you can set in the config DONE
    Official Released!
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