FizzyPrefixer v1.5

Permission controlled player name tag prefixes

  1. Fizz_

    Hi! Do you have a moment to talk about Fizzy Prefixer??

    No, seriously, Fizzy Prefixer is a plugin for putting prefix's on the players name, specifically the nametag, above the players head.

    It looks a little something like this:
    /setprefix Fizz__ &7[&bFish&7]&f

    This is a fairly straight forward plugin, so i'll get right to it.

    When you load up the plugin, you will get a config file, which will contain some default prefixes as an example. Each prefix/suffix you add to the config will be enabled on a player with a permission, which is as follows:

    fizzyprefixer.prefix.[name of prefix]
    fizzyprefixer.suffix.[name of suffix]

    If a player has a custom prefix/suffix on (via the /setprefix or /setsuffix command) it will ignore any permission prefixes they have one. If a player has MULTIPLE prefix/suffix permissions, it will ignore the permission prefixes/suffixes once again and either use none or the custom one set on a player.

    There is also a permission to use the /setprefix and /setsuffix command


    This allows a player to use the /setprefix or /setsuffix command

    You can use the /setprefix and /setsuffix command to set a players prefix/suffix like this:

    /setprefix [player's name] [prefix]
    If you set a players prefix to "none" it will remove their prefix
    /setsuffix [player's name] [prefix]
    If you set a players suffix to "none" it will remove their suffix

    Hope that sums it up well! If you have any questions or requests feel free to ask :)

    I'm making this plugin completely free for you to use, however, if you're feeling nice you can donate some funds towards my passion. Thanks!
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Recent Reviews

  1. CakeArmy
    Version: v1.5
    Gr8, gets the job done. I just wish it had permission based support. I just feel the config and page needs a little more work but still a good plugin. Better than Ctags.