Flame Thrower 1.0.1

Burn it all!

  1. SIndybad
    Flame Thrower is a plugin that adds, well, flame throwers!
    Flame Thrower is great for unique PvP servers or maybe as a special donor perk.


    Code (Text):
    maxAmmo: 20 - Self explanatory
    speed: 4 - How fast the flames travel
    reloadSeconds: 4 - How fast flame throwers reload, in seconds
    Code (Text):
    /flamethrower help - Displays help
    /flamethrower give - Gives you a flame thrower
    /flamethrower give <player> - Gives the specified player a Flame Thrower
    Code (Text):
    flamethrower.shoot - Permission to shoot a flame thrower
    flamethrower.craft - Permission to craft a flame thrower
    flamethrower.give - Permission to give yourself a flame thrower
    flamethrower.give.others - Permission to give others a flame thrower

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  1. Vert3x
    Version: 1.0.1
    I was expecting something as a flame particle effect that burns entities that it touches, it is easier and it just sends blaze fireballs but I appreciate the commitment and I know that creating plugins isn't really easy. I anyway consider it a good plugin because it does not have glitches and seems clear!