Flexible Fireworks 1.1.1

Edit settings in config and create big fireworks for your users on your server!

  1. Janhektor
    Flexible Fireworks

    Use flexible fireworks to define a location, where you can start your big (or small) firework. The size of the firework is configurable in a simple file: config.yml. You can edit radius, time and interval/speed individualize it.
    This isn't a big plugin. It's only for fun and doesn't need a powerful server to run. But it supports two languages (German and English), because I maintain a German YouTube channel and want to publish it here. If you need it in English, you can set the language to "en" and all messages will be translated.


    The setup is very easy. Just follow this steps and it will run on servers with Minecraft 1.5+.

    1. Download the plugin from this page
    2. Open your "plugins" folder or connect per (S)FTP
    3. Put the Jar-file in your plugins folder
    4. Restart or reload your server
    5. Congratulations! You have successfully installed it!

    The config.yml file makes it more flexible.

    Here you can see the default config. All settings (including the language) can be changed. Please don't change they type (a numeric value must be still a numeric value).

    Code (Text):
    # Firework - Developed by Janhektor[/SIZE][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=6][SIZE=4]# Feuerwerk - Entwickelt von Janhektor
    Language: de
    Radius: 32
    Iterations: 200
    Speed: 5

    Commands and Permissions
    For a better control, I've added some permissions and commands.
    Here's a little list:
    • setposition [Permission: firework.setposition] - define the position of the firework
    • firework [Permission: firework.start] - start the firework
    Notice: the firework-rockets will not spawn exactly on the defined position. You can define a radius for offset. If you set it to "0", all rockets will spawn exactly on your location.

    Terms and Rules
    You can use it free. I allow you to decompile, modify and extend the sourcecode. But refer to me, when somebody ask you, who has developed this plugin.

    Have fun!

Recent Reviews

  1. BabaChampa
    Version: 1.0.2
    Sehr gutes Plugin! Funktioniert alles wie es soll.
    1. Janhektor
      Author's Response
      Danke // Thank you!