Flier 0.6.2

Elytra air combat minigame

  1. Co0sh
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    Flier is an Elytra air combat minigame plugin for Spigot. It doesn't feature any regular PvP mechanics, instead giving players custom engines to fly and weapons like machine guns and homing missiles to shoot each other down. It requires cleverness and skill to hit targets and dodge attacks. The plugin is extremely configurable: you can create customizable games, define various items with different statistics and use them in a flexible class system.

    Flier is an example of a game "easy to learn and difficult to master", both in configuring and actually playing it. You can create simple games quickly (or even use the preset included as default configuration), but you can also create huge, complicated games with many rules and additional mechanics.

    When playing Flier there's plenty of room for skill. Hitting flying targets with projectiles of finite speed is really hard, especially since there's no red circle ahead of your target telling you where to shoot. You need to do all calculations in your head, a skill which requires a lot of experience.

    • Support for Spigot 1.9, 1.10, 1.11 and 1.12
    • Multiple games can run at once
    • Game types:
      • Deathmatch
      • Team game
    • Configurable engines and wings:
      • Acceleration, speed, fuel
      • Air resistance, lifting force, durability
    • Custom weapons
      • Projectile based weapons
      • Particle based weapons
      • Both can be configured to shoot like machine guns, rifles, shotguns, pistols etc.
      • Homing missiles
      • Bombs
    • Weapons can apply all sort of effects on players
      • Regular or wing damage
      • Damage over time
      • Taking wings off
      • Draining fuel etc.
    • Powerful class/kit system
    • Modifications for any property of items and weapons
    • Effect system allows to add any visuals to any in-game action
    • Collectable bonuses
    • Doesn't break with each Spigot release
    • Additional effects with BountifulAPI
    • Per-player translations with BetonLangAPI (click Releases for a download)
    • Integration with BetonQuest (tutorials, additional game rules etc.)

    (I'm sorry for the lack of commentary, it was recorded spontaneously.)


    Flier is extremely configurable. While you can simply drag&drop it into your plugins folder and use the default configuration to play a simple team game (after setting locations correctly), there's plenty of other ways to configure it.

    You can create a single game which can be run on many different maps, or multiple different games which can be run on the same map. You can split your games into rounds to force more tactics or respawn players immediately after death to create fast-paced games. You can limit your engines with performance and fuel or make them powerful and unlimited.

    Your weapons can have ammunition and limited speed or be ever-shooting lasers. Classes can range from fixed, single one for all to multiple different ones with buyable items and powerups to loads of items from which the players can freely choose and create their own kits. Everything in Flier is configurable and if you find something which isn't, simply tell me and I'll fix it.

    I'll describe the most basics objects in Flier to give you more insight on mechanics of the plugin. At the very bottom there is a Lobby. Players can join the Lobby and choose a Game to play. Besides Games, Lobbies also contain Arenas, so they can dynamically assign them to Games. Each Game can be run on multiple Arenas, while an Arena can host a single Game at once.

    Games (besides many other settings) have three main groups of objects: default Kit, item Buttons and collectable Bonuses. The Kit specifies what items the player has. It can be further modifed by ItemSets - each Button contains one ItemSet and players can click on them to get the Items specified in those sets.

    Each Item can have so called Usages, which combine Actions and Activators. When all Activators in the Usage are active (imagine this as conditions being met), all Actions from that Usage will run. Actions can be many different thins: shooting guns, pushing the player, giving/taking items etc. It's a very powerful system where you can freely build custom behaviors out of predefined blocks.

    Additionally there are Effects, which are visuals attachable to any events during the Game - hits, kills, using items, engine acceleration etc. They can be matched for specific events to further narrow their scope - for example only when fuel level is below a certain amount or when players involved in the event are hostile towards each other.

    Of course this is just a brief outline of the features. There are plenty other settings, like ammunition, cooldowns, respawn methods, money and so on. Because of this you can create unique games on your server, and the only common element will be the use of Elytra.



    If you want to see the game for yourself you can join this server (on 1.12 version of Spigot.) Just grab a few friends (or call me, I can play too). While the deathmatch game is configured to start even with 1 player, you won't be able to see most features (and fun) playing it alone. There's an in-game tutorial (created via BetonQuest, I can share it) to help you get started.


    The plugin package contains a nice .pdf file with all features and content of the game described in detail. There are instructions on how to install and configure it, list of all commands and description of all game types, bonuses, effects, actions etc.

    All configuration of Flier currently is done directly via configuration files. I'm going to add an in-game editor later in the development process, but for now I'd like to focus on adding game features. I feel having interesting content is more important than easier one-time setup.

    Don't worry though, every time you make a mistake Flier will tell you about it in a nice, informative way:

    (It's a single error, it shows you a "path" to the cause.)

    Then you can easily check the documentation and see that you made a typo:



    The plugin is licensed under MIT license. This means it's a free software. After obtaining the file you can legally do (almost) anything with it. I'm including a copy of the source code with the plugin. You are allowed to modify it. You can even decompile it, although having the source code I don't think it makes any sense.

    If you want to download the plugin from any other place be warned. Since I distribute the source code, anyone can modify the plugin very easily. It's a piece of cake to add a backdoor or some other malicious exploit. That's why if you're getting the plugin from an untrusted source you should really decompile it and check if there are no unwanted additions.


    Right now I'm not developing Flier anymore. I'm just leaving it here so maybe someone can have some fun with it. I might answer questions about it and such, but don't expect full support. If you're interested in continuing the development just contact me and we'll talk about it.
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    Version: 0.6.2
    Hey mate first of all great resource, i was wondering if i am allowed to re-distribute this after some modification to it of course giving you credit for your work.
    1. Co0sh
      Author's Response
      Sure, it's MIT license. Will you tell me what you're changing in a PM or in the thread?