FlightControl [1.18 BETA ON DISCORD] 4.9.18


  1. Better /fly system, command auto-complete, fixes, and more! (v3.3)

    Here's to another FlightControl update!
    This time, we have a 20% increase in codebase, which means that there are a lot of changes (especially for developers)!

    Say hello to a new, better system to enable/disable flight without the "command" setting. /fly is now always enabled, and you can choose whether or not you wish to give the permission to players.

    Auto-enabling is now a setting just in case you still want to do it old-fashioned. If "auto_enable" is enabled, your flight will automatically enable UNLESS you disabled it with /fly (it will switch back to auo-enabling when you enable it with /fly). Without "auto_enable," it works exactly as the old "command" setting did.

    Your previous "command" preference will be taken into account when the "auto_enable" setting is added and automatically configured.

    - REMOVAL of the "command" setting
    + ADDITION of the "auto_enable" setting
    ~ Fixes to player trail preferences
    ~ Fixed config updating (auto_update will now appear at the top of your config)
    + Support for CombatLogPro
    + More in-game control (commands) for config settings
    + Auto-complete & search for commands (/fc)
    - Removed the annoying "No updates found" message on server start
    ~ Fixed an error on server enable
    ~ Documentation updates

    Theres a fresh, brand spanking new Event API to check out (I will improve on it & document stuff before we reach the final v4 update)!

    ~ Restructuring of the entire plugin with better organization
    ~ Programming practices overhaul (probably improves performance)
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