FlightControl (1.8-1.15) [1.16 BETA ON DISCORD] 4.3.11

Control WorldGuard regions, Factions territories, and MUCH, MUCH more...

  1. Performance boost, fixes (v4.3.11)


    This update contains general performance improvements. The next updates, along with implementing the requested features, will focus on making FlightControl as efficient as possible. By the way, thank you for using FlightControl!

    + Support for flight in trusted GriefPrevention claims (config option & permission)
    + Added silent /tempfly command (/silenttempfly)
    + Support for CombatLogX 10 (Support for CombatLogX 9 is still available)
    ~ Fixed migration of config...
  2. Revert CombatLogX support (v4.3.3)

    Apologies for the update spam, but it has come to my attention that CombatLogX is unstable, and thus the support has been reverted back to version
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  3. Hotfix for lang/messages (v.4.3.2)

    Oops, the lang feature was just a tad wonky. It's all been fixed in this very quick hotifx. View the last update for all the new features.

    Perform /fc update to fix your messages if you're on 4.3.1! <-- Spigot has not updated the version number yet, so give it a second.
  4. Languages support, fixes, features (v4.3.1)

    Whew, it's been a while hasn't it...
    This update is not just nice shine on version 4; yes, it fixes many problems, but adds some significant features.

    As always though, enjoy the automatic config/message migration.

    Major changes:
    + Message translations (locale support!)
    + Custom messages (lang.yml)
    ~ Fixed tempfly system
    ~ Better update system (complies with semantic versioning)
    + Added...
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    Version 4. It's finally here.

    Here are ALL the goodies you get from this major restructuring (a complete under-the-hood makeover):
    1. An _all new_ categories structure to easily, quickly, and efficiently manage player groups
    2. Did I mention that new structure? Oh yeah, it makes the...
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  6. Featureless update??? (v3.6)

    Wait, there's nothing here? I thought we were promised something big!!

    You were. But it's so big that the config changes couldn't be done automatically. That's why this update is here--to warn you. THE NEXT UPDATE REQUIRES MANUAL CHANGES TO THE CONFIGURATION.
  7. Bugfix, extra support, and tempfly change (v3.5)


    This update contains a change to /tempfly: it no longer is bypass flight, just normal temporary flight that follows all access settings.

    ~ Tempfly change
    ~ Serious bugfix (update ASAP)--not described to prevent abuse
    \+ Lands support
    \+ DeluxeCombat support
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  8. Timed temp bypass flight, bug fixes (v3.4)


    Timed temporary bypass flight: /tempfly (player) [duration]
    + Added /fly (player) for administrators to attempt enabling and disable flight
    ~ Fixed NPE (error) when using /flightcontrol
    + New data folder for storage of backend information (your files will automatically move)
    ~ Fixed parsing some numbers while setting options in-game with /flightcontrol
    ~ Fixed other errors
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  9. Bugged jar fix (re-download same version)

    Sorry to everyone who was affected by the broken jar file! The issue has now been resolved.

    Please re-download version 3.3 (all the links should work now, even from the old post).

    For those wondering, it was an issue with (what I assume) the shading of bStats to the plugin jar.
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  10. Better /fly system, command auto-complete, fixes, and more! (v3.3)

    Here's to another FlightControl update!
    This time, we have a 20% increase in codebase, which means that there are a lot of changes (especially for developers)!

    Say hello to a new, better system to enable/disable flight without the "command" setting. /fly is now always enabled, and you can choose whether or not you wish to give the permission to players.

    Auto-enabling is now a setting just in case you still want to do it old-fashioned. If "auto_enable"...
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