FlightControl 3.5

An elegant solution for controlling player flight

  1. geo4574
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    Source Code:
    Spazzinq (me)
    Donation Link:---------------------https://spazzinq.org/donate

    FlightControl is a project inspired by NoFlyZone (NoFlyZone is no longer maintained).

    1. FlightControl only supports Spigot (and its forks)
    2. FlightControl utilizes bStats for popularity metrics and is a helpful motivator to me. If you wish to disable it, locate the bStats config.
    3. Make sure WorldEdit and/or WorldGuard are up-to-date if you use region flight enable
    4. Other versions than 1.8, 1.13, and 1.14 should work, but I make no guarantee (although I will help you if you run into problems)
    Optional features that require other plugins:
    1. Disabling of flight in combat (CombatTagPlus, CombatLogX, CombatLogPro, AntiCombatLogging, DeluxeCombat)
    2. Enabling/disabling of flight in factions territories (Factions by MassiveCraft, FactionsUUID, or SavageFactions)
    3. Enabling/disabling of flight in regions (WorldGuard)
    4. Enabling/disabling of flight in player's town/land (Towny, Lands)
    5. Trail auto-disabling (Essentials, PremiumVanish, SuperVanish)
    Set a few permissions/config options and then players will no longer be able to fly in certain worlds, regions, faction territories, or even while they are in combat!
    (I know some people don't enjoy dying when they fall out of the sky, so that's covered too :D)

    Same idea goes with automatic flight–set a few permissions/config options and then players will be able to fly automatically in certain worlds, regions, faction territories, or anywhere (with the exception of worlds, regions, and faction territories with disabled flight)!

    (You can use the command instead after changing the config option if that's your thing ;))

    Like a fancy trail to go along with the other features? No problem!

    Note: the plugin automatically disables trails if you are in vanish (with the plugins Essentials or PremiumVanish) or are not visible.

    You can't have a proper plugin without some customizable messages and color (codes)! (You can use actionbar notifications if you don't want to clutter your players' chats too!)

    Ah yes, the usually tedious and annoying permissions. Not a problem this time though! Here are the details:

    Important Permissions
    flightcontrol.admin » Ability to use FlightControl administrative commands (automatically given to OPs)
    flightcontrol.bypass » Bypasses all fly restrictions and always allows flight
    flightcontrol.factions.CATEGORY » Controls flight based upon the defined category
    flightcontrol.flyall » Ability to automatically fly in all regions that are not disabled
    flightcontrol.fly » Access to /fly when the command option is enabled in the config (the Essentials permission "essentials.fly" works too)
    Optional Permissions (more specific per-player/group control than the global config options)
    flightcontrol.flyother » Ability to enable another player's fly and bypass all restrictions (like bypass permission) until server restart
    flightcontrol.fly.WORLDNAME » Ability to fly in a certain world
    flightcontrol.fly.WORLDNAME.REGIONNAME » Ability to fly in a certain region
    flightcontrol.nofly.WORLDNAME » Denies flight in a certain world
    flightcontrol.nofly.WORLDNAME.REGIONNAME » Denies flight in a certain region
    flightcontrol.owntown » Enables flight in player's own town
    flightcontrol.ownland » Enables flight in player's own land

    The categories mentioned above make more sense in the config ;)

    If you have any issues, make an issue on GitHub or visit the Discord (you can also click the logo below). PLEASE do not leave an error in your review. It is a poor way to communicate and I likely won't have enough information to fix the problem.

    Also, if you haven't asked me for a feature, DO NOT leave a negative review only because the feature isn't there. It's rude and confusing--why don't you ask me or create an issue on GitHub first?

    I work really hard on my open source projects, and I spend significant time developing their presentation, documentation, features, and code. I'd appreciate any donation you could make.
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Recent Reviews

  1. stille7
    Version: 3
    Excellent plugin without the annoying teleport to ground bug what other plugins like antiworldfly have. Best Flight control resource.
    1. geo4574
      Author's Response

      Thanks for the review!
  2. Ergenta
    Version: 3
    Really helpful developer and a great replacement for the outdated NoFlyZone plugin
    1. geo4574
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review!
  3. afrojack10
    Version: 3
    Looks like a really cool plugin. Is there a feature to disable sprinting while flying? Or is that something you may possibly look to add?
    1. geo4574
      Author's Response
      I'll consider adding it in the future (probably soon). Thanks for the suggestion, and thank you for using FlightControl!
  4. cookieman768
    Version: 2.3
    Great resource and the integration with the other plugins is great! I would love to see customizable trails though.
    1. geo4574
      Author's Response
      With that kind, courteous review I think you may see something of the sort in the next update ;)
  5. tbi
    Version: 2.2
    ok seriously! this dude really knows his stuff and is very active!!!
    thanx alot for making the needed changes, alot of the more modern factions plugins really needed this just so they can work properly with plugins like cmi and essentialsx.
    thank you so very much bud!!!
  6. Vehzx
    Version: 2.1
    Great plugin, recently left a review about an error but it turns out this was my bad. If users are looking to use the latest worldedit update snapshot, make sure you also update your worldguard to the latest version, this will fix all issues and errors.

    Great plugin, would recommend to anyone.
    1. geo4574
      Author's Response
      Thank you for sharing your experience! I'll be sure to add it to the plugin page :)

  7. dawars
    Version: 2
    Super plugin that works in 1.13.2 under paper .. The devellopeur is really fast to solve the problems or bugs of the plugin. I recommend ;)
    1. geo4574
      Author's Response
      Thank you for reviewing FlightControl! If you have any other problems, let me know :)
  8. rrrrrrrrr
    Version: 1.5
    Do not download this plugin i need this plugin only for my server its exelent! <3
    1. geo4574
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review (the beginning is a bit confusing)!

  9. TheGrayGorilla
    Version: 1.5
    Love this for my Towny Sever.

    Couple Questions. That could potentially build onto an epic plugin already.

    Control Players Flight Speed Based on a Permission.
    FlightControl.flyspeed.05 Etc

    Also a true/false to disable players from Sprint Flying? I have an issue on my server with lots of players flying around and loading a shit tons of chunks at once.
    Thank you <3
    1. geo4574
      Author's Response
      It sounds like you have a few issues with chunk loading, and I suggest you join the Discord (https://spazzinq.org/discord) to chat with me about getting that stuff sorted. Hopefully I can at least put you in the right direction and if necessary add those features!

      I love to see a variety in FlightControl's usage! Thanks for stickin' with it :)
  10. EvilSlime
    Version: BETA2
    Very nice plugin. I was looking for a something like NoFlyZone but than updated and this is a great example of a new plugin.
    1. geo4574
      Author's Response
      Yeah, I hope to maintain FlightControl and keep it updated for all of you guys. Thanks for the review <3