Floating Sand and Gravel Remover 2016-10-11

Removes the gravel and sand which has no gravity when a world is generated

  1. Goldentoenail
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.10
    This plugin utility is for those servers owners who do not want some of their worlds to have Sand and Gravel Sky Islands, and cave roofs. Which can be used for killing players below or players falling through the collapsing roof.

    The plugin is 'per world' configurable and has an option to also clean already played world areas.

    The basic levels for height can be modified to increase performance and to suit your needs.

    (Depending how my utility is used. This may not be suitable for some worlds which have mini-games that rely upon floating blocks)

    Here are some before and after screen-shots

    25_before_2016-10-11_16.35.50.png 25_After_2016-10-11_16.37.44.png 25_Before_2016-10-11_16.03.30.png 25_After_2016-10-11_16.08.23.png

    How to use -
    - install the jar into your plugins folder
    - Start the server
    - Stop the server
    - Check the config.yml contains only the worlds which you require the plugin to be used for and adjust to suit your needs
    - Restart your server

    If you have a question or suggestion, please use the Discussion area!