Flood Fill 1.1.2

A extremely powerful/useful tool for editing a map

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    Flood Fill

    Caution. Unlike worldedit. This is far far more likely to screw your world over because of bad choices
    But its infinitely more useful for me.

    Please test this in a private server with a temporary map or backups before showing it off in a public server!!

    As the name suggests this is similar to a flood fill.
    In in. It works by 'flooding'.
    If you watch it 'flood' then you will notice that it expands from the center block.

    Worldedit is nice and all. But sometimes I need to fill a area up.
    Or remove so and so.

    To summarize. You select a block. And moving from that block it checks the surrounding areas if it can replace it with your replacement criteria.

    You can select it to only replace air, only replace stone.
    Only remove diamond ore and iron ore etc.
    You can also select it to replace EVERYTHING by using 'all' as a replacement.

    You then select what to replace it with. Such as 'stone'

    Its very very handy when you want to fill in a room which is custom shaped. Or a custom shaped pool etc.

    Or maybe you want to remove all blocks with a simple click.

    But you need to make sure there are no 'holes' etc where the flood might find 'escape'

    Its code is sorta ugly as I majorly made this for when I was dealing with maps.
    I wanted it for some areas which were hallow. But worldedit would take way way too long to fill it in with no air gaps.

    Basically the way this works is you use the command /flood to view the options. Then select one of them.

    The difference between the block and the item selector is that the block can be used to select a block which is 'air' and the item is used to right click the block to start with.

    Make sure you select the right block as it expands by checking every single block next to itself. Meaning one screwup = OPPS. I didn't mean to get that area!

    I've included a 'restore' function. But to try minimize resources it only works once. Meaning you can't undo that mistake 2 floods ago.

    This also doesn't allow you to do multiple floods.
    Just one flood at the time sorry!

    Some of the messages are broadcasts. As this plugin realistically shouldn't be used carelessly in a public server.

    Worldedit is fine and all for straight shapes. But horrible for curved shapes.

    Due to the nature of this plugin. There will be no permissions.
    It really really shouldn't be part of a public server such as survival.
    Its worse then worldedit.
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