Flower Power 1.1.0

Flowers have powers!

  1. Electro2560
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    Source Code:
    This plugin allows players to create flowers with various powers.​


    •Poppy - Fireball Flower. Requires a one fire charge and a tick of flint & steel to use.
    •Red Tulip - Fire Flower. Requires one tick of flint & steel to use.
    •Blue Orchid - Ice Flower. Requires a block of regular or packed ice to use.
    •Dandelion - Knockback Flower. Requires a tripwire hook to use.
    •Pink Tulip - Pull Flower. Requires a tripwire hook to use.
    •Oxeye Daisy - Confusion Flower. Requires a spider eye to use.
    •Allium - Regen Flower. Requires 4 gold ingots to use.
    •Orange Tulip - Potato Flower. Requires a poisonous potato to use.
    •Azure Bluet - Snowball Flower. Requires a snowball to use.
    •White Tulip - Web Flower. Requires a string to use.​

    Fireball Flower

    Fire Flower

    Ice Flower

    Knockback Flower

    Pull Flower

    Confusion Flower

    Regen Flower

    Potato Flower

    Snowball Flower

    Web Flower

    • FlowerPower.poppy​
    • FlowerPower.redtulip​
    • FlowerPower.blueorchid​
    • FlowerPower.dandelion​
    • FlowerPower.pinktulip​
    • FlowerPower.oxeyedaisy​
    • FlowerPower.allium​
    • FlowerPower.orangetulip​
    • FlowerPower.azurebluet​
    • FlowerPower.whitetulip​

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  1. 1.13+ update

Recent Reviews

  1. Carlosruler508
    Version: 1.0
    Very good plugin man, but what is the exactly effect of the potato flower? xd And idk but the permissions in my server dont work D:
    1. Electro2560
      Author's Response
      The potato flower hides the target player and drops a potato in their place as well as giving them blindness. I haven't quiet perfected it and the potato doesn't follow the target player yet :o In the config, do you have "usePermissions" set to true?