Fly 1.5

Custom /Fly With Customized Messages!

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    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    This is a 100% Customizable fly plugin that is better than Essentials! It has a fully custom message system that is more professional than Essentials is! You simply do the command /fly to toggle the Fly. You can give certain ranks and stuff the permission to fly as well!


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    Code (Text):
    Config File
    #What it says in chat when fly is enabled
    FlyEnable: "&c(!) &eFly has been enabled!"
    #What it says in chat when fly is disabled.
    FlyDisable: "&c(!) &eFly has been disabled!"
    #What it says if a player does not have the permission to use the command.
    NoPermission: "&c(!) You do not have permission to use this command."
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    - Do not attempt to steal my work and call it your own.

Recent Updates

  1. Fixed Permissions
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