FlyHook 1.5.0

Just Cause 3 wingsuits in Minecraft!

  1. MagmaGuy
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.11
    Source Code:
    This plugin is being published under the GPLv3 license - you may check (and alter) the source code here.

    I made this plugin for my own server, and features reflect that.

    What it does:

    Why type a thousand words if I can just post a video a few minutes long?

    If you want to skip to the bit relevant to you, it's at 1:50.

    Using the fishing rod:

    In order to get a fishing rod to boost your elytra flying speed, you will need:

    • A fishing rod - any fishing rod!
    • To be using an elytra - if you are on the ground or just falling, the fishing rod will behave like any regular fishing rod;
    • To be in a 30ish block radius from the block you are targeting - if you are too far away, the pull will not work:
    • Double tap the right mouse button - the first time you tap it will grapple on to a block, the second time you tap it, it will pull you in the direction the block is in;
    • Practice - it can be pretty hard to get used to the fishing rod system, as it takes some skills!
    • Third person: It is next to impossible to fly well with the first person camera. Use the third person camera!
    There are no speed limits with fishing rods. The highest speed I've ever clocked was 300 km/h on a superflat creative server (that speed is nearly impossible to obtain in survival). If it ever does become an issue that people bring up I can limit it.

    (To be added: alternative to named fishing rods)

    Slowing down mid-flight:
    (You can disable this feature in the configuration file)

    Press sneak while gliding to slow down for a crawl for 3 seconds! Use fireworks or fishing hooks to regain speed that!

    Air combat:
    (You can disable this feature in the configuration file)

    There's a 2x damage critical strike bonus for hitting or shooting enemies while gliding. Combine this with slowing down flight to become death from above impersonated! Sharpening your skills pays off in spades!

    Hijacking the ender dragon:
    (You can disable this feature in the configuration file)

    Tether yourself to the Ender Dragon's back and hit it for an 8x damage critical hit! To do this, punch the dragon with a fishing rod. Once the dragon is hit, you will be ejected. While this means that the ender dragon combat can be over in only a few hits, it takes no small amount of skill and effort to pull it off!.

    Plugin goal:

    To create a suite of plugins that entirely replaces the want for creative flight in survival servers in favor of something more challenging and, ultimately, more fun!

    Got a suggestion?

    If you have a suggestion, post it in the comments (or reach me on my server). If I like your suggestion, or you ask nicely enough, or if for some bizarre reason you're willing to put a couple of $$ into getting it done, it will be implemented.

    You can see this plugin in action (and talk to me directly) at - Survival. You can also talk to me directly using this discord server.
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  1. MiniDigger
    Version: 1.5.0
    needed to rate this 5/5 just for that video, lol
    glad you got your slow ride runable figured out ;)
    1. MagmaGuy
      Author's Response
      Yeah, I really appreciate the IRC support. Would not be able to make these without their assistance.