FlyNotifier 1.2.1

Get notified when a player gets kicked for flying

  1. funzo88
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    When a player is using flyhacks for too long, they will be kicked for flying. (unless you enabled flight in the server properties)

    Because you can't keep an eye out on every single player on your server, this plugin will message players with the permission if a player gets kicked for flying. So if the player comes back, you can teleport to them to see if they really use flyhacks. You can ban them or whatever afterwards, because using hacks is dumb ;) It is also toggleable per player if that player don't want to see the message.

    In your server files there is also a log (kicked.log). There you can see if someone was kicked for flying when you were not online. It even stores the coords and world so you can teleport to the location where the player was kicked for flying.

    Command: /notifyfly (alias: /nf)
    Permission: flynotifier.notify


    Clickable messages
    When a player gets kicked, you can click on that message to teleport to the location to where that player was kicked for flying. You also see what that player was riding (e.g. Horse/Pig/Nothing).


    Get list
    You can also get a list af the recent kicked players.

    Command: /nflist
    Permission: flynotifier.list

    Doing this will give you the last amount of messages to you. Here you can also click on the coordinates to teleport to that location.

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