FlyPr0 1.0

Use the new awesome FlightPlugin!

  1. DawgZ

    This command allows you to fly. If you do not want to have an Essentials plugin use this simple plugin!

    Author: Bimmii
    Version: 1.0

    - /Fly Help - Opens the Help Menu
    - /Fly - Opens the Help Menu
    - /Fly On [player] - Enabled flight on yourself or Specified player
    - /Fly Off [player] - Disabled flight for yourself or someone else
    - Fly Toggle [player] - Toggles flight for yourself or someone else
    - /Fly Check [player] - Checks if "player" has flight enabled
    - /Fly List - Shows a list of People that has Flight Enabled

    - Flight.on - Permission to /Fly on (For youself)
    - - Permission to /Fly off (For yourself)
    - Flight.toggle - Permission to /Fly toggle (For yourself)
    - Flight.check - Permission to /Fly check (For yourself)
    - Flight.list - Permission to /Fly list
    - Flight.on.other - Permission to /Fly on [player]
    - - Permission to /Fly off [player]
    - Flight.check.other Permission to /Fly check [player]