FOODCLICKER [♥1.15✓] [♥1.16✓] 2.2

IDLE Clicker game in Minecraft!

  1. Prestige, bugfixes & more!

    • Added a new setting to enable or disable numeral or textual display for big numbers (Currently up to novemdecillion)
    • By default, textual display will be enabled (e.g. 5.47 Million instead of 5,470,000)
    • Fixed a bug where buyable upgrades could appear in the buttons menu in the upgrades shop
    • Fixed the all time earnings achievements not unlocking
    • Fixed the outsider achievement not unlocking
    • Removed the old clickmultiplier check when applying the new one (see update 1.5)
    • Added Prestige, Getting it earns you prestige coins.
    • Added a Prestige buy button that displays howmany Prestige Coins you'd earn, in the upgrades shop window. If you can't afford it, it'll just display that instead.
    • Added several new statistics, related to Prestige
    Currently, Prestige Coins are completely useless. I will be adding a prestige shop with permanent upgrades soon though!

    billion.png prestige button.png
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