FOODCLICKER [♥1.15✓] [♥1.16✓] 2.2

IDLE Clicker game in Minecraft!

  1. Prestige Shop, Offline & AFK income, & more !!

    - Added a prestige shop to spent Prestige Coins
    - Moved the prestige button into the Prestige Shop
    - Added 20 possible permanent upgrades in the prestige shop
    Shop upgrades:
    - Earn while having FoodClicker closed!
    - Earn while being offline!

    - Multiplier based on achievements unlocked
    - General multiplier
    - Click multiplier
    - Event chance & duration increments
    - Discounts on upgrades & buildings
    - Building income multipliers
    - Start with Moms or Chefs in a next legacy
    - Limit increasers

    - The base Event Chance limit is reduced to 30% (from 45%), but can now be increased up to 50% with the prestige shop upgrades.

    - Updated chat messages to also be formatted when they're big numbers
    - The head stats now only display prestige levels & coins if you've prestiged at least once
    - The regular stats head no longer displays total earnings or playtime, only this legacy
    - Added a new stats head type you can unlock in the Prestige Shop to display different stats
    - Changed the display items for fully unlocked prestige shop items
    - You can now display prestige stats if unlocked with /fcstats true
    - You can now display the leaderboard if unlocked with /fctop
    - Added a new stonks upgrade in the prestige shop

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