FOODCLICKER [♥1.15✓] [♥1.16✓] 2.2

IDLE Clicker game in Minecraft!

  1. Hotfix antispam

    - Added an anti spam system (so you can't accidentally break your statistics by ever having it load and save simultaniously)
    - Fixed the /fcstats command if you didnt add a parameter to display the default stats head. This means you only have to ever use a parameter if you want to display your prestige stats. Then you'd have to use /fcstats true.
  2. Prestige Shop, Offline & AFK income, & more !!

    - Added a prestige shop to spent Prestige Coins
    - Moved the prestige button into the Prestige Shop
    - Added 20 possible permanent upgrades in the prestige shop
    Shop upgrades:
    - Earn while having FoodClicker closed!
    - Earn while being offline!

    - Multiplier based on achievements unlocked
    - General multiplier
    - Click multiplier
    - Event chance & duration increments
    - Discounts on upgrades & buildings
    - Building income multipliers
    - Start with Moms or Chefs in a next legacy
  3. Prestige, bugfixes & more!

    • Added a new setting to enable or disable numeral or textual display for big numbers (Currently up to novemdecillion)
    • By default, textual display will be enabled (e.g. 5.47 Million instead of 5,470,000)
    • Fixed a bug where buyable upgrades could appear in the buttons menu in the upgrades shop
    • Fixed the all time earnings achievements not unlocking
    • Fixed the outsider achievement not unlocking
    • Removed the old clickmultiplier check when applying the new one (see update...
  4. Fireworks & version checker

    - Added Fireworks
    - Fireworks spawn whenever you buy a building or an upgrade, or unlock an achievement
    - Fireworks colours are completely random
    - Firework size and amount depend on the action
    - Fireworks wont spawn if you have the setting disabled
    - Added a command /fcfirework <player> <amount> <size> for admins to spawn the fireworks
    *The command was for testing purposes, but I cba removing it. No one can use it unless they have the...
  5. Achievements! (& a lot more)

    - Implemented Achievements
    - The achievement page is now fully working (and has multiple pages, navigate using the arrows)
    - All achievements are hidden until unlocked
    - Your stats now display total achievements unlocked
    - Currently achievements don't impact the game, but it will in the future
    - Unlocking achievements plays a sound effect
    - Balanced upgrade costs
    - Changed the way upgrade costs are calculated
    - Changed the way money &...
  6. Full 1.16 Support!

    - Complete 1.16 support!
    - Fixed a bug with the "all time earned" key being calculated incorrectly.
    - Fixed a chat bug which falsely states a permanent increase on income for certain events.
    - Now plays a sound effect when an effect spawns, so you can hear it when you're tabbed out. (considering you got the setting enabled)
    - Lowered initial odds for an event to occur from once every 15 min to once every 11 min
    - Completely changed price and base production progression
    - Added a few...