Footsteps 1.9.0

Hmm... the trail leads over here to this... pit of lava?

  1. CTMiner
    Now 1.8 & UUID compatible!

    This plugin creates footsteps using particles. Note that /reload is NOT supported and will break things if used.

    • footsteps.walk: allows you to have footsteps while walking
    • footsteps.sneak: allows you to have footsteps while sneaking
    • footsteps.air: allows you to have footsteps while airborne
    • footsteps.set: allows you to set which footsteps are enabled (default: walk only)
    • footsteps.set.other: allows you to set other player's footsteps (not yet implemented fully)
    • /footsteps (help): displays help
    • /footsteps list (player): lets you see your own (or specified player's if you have footsteps.set.other) footstep settings
    • /footsteps [walk/sneak/air] (on/off) (player): lets you set your footstep settings (or another player's if you have footsteps.set.other in a future version. note that for other players you need to specify on/off)
    • Add toggle parameter for on/off
    • Finish letting players edit other player's settings if have the permission
    • Allow console to change settings
    • Config for default enabled


    Uses DarkBlade12's particle library
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Recent Reviews

  1. belfedia
    Version: 1.8.3
    Great plugin with good features & customize
    Light resource need for server
    Reactive author and listening
    Try it !