Force Execute | player/admin/console command execute/chat, loop command/nametag visibility 1.0 release

Simply to make your player/admin/console to execute command you want

  1. i998979
    Simple skript that contain these feature:

    Force console execute command
    Force player execute command
    Force player chat
    force player loop 1 command with interval
    show/hide nametag by using scoreboard
    Fake tabname, same with online player support
    Fake "Unknown Command" message when they execute these command

    /fce <command>: execute command at console
    /fceplayer <player> <command>: make player execute command
    /fceloopcmd <player> <times> <interval> <command>: loop 1 commands with amount of times with amount of interval
    /fcetabname <name>: Change your own Tabname
    /fcechat <player> <message>: Make player chat
    /fcehelp: show help page
    /nonametag: hide all player's nametag
    /shownametag: show all player's nametag

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