Force 1.0.2

Combination of stuff | Expandable | Customizable

  1. Scorpion
    • Void fall checker
    • Forced spawn location on join
    • Customizable!
    What is Force? Force is a compilation of small stuff that some people would otherwise have over 10 plugins all combined into 1 Though right now its small the intention is of it getting bigger when i see something usefull or get idea's of what small things can be in here.

    Every section of the plugin can be turned on or off induvidually.
    this is because some stuff may work better via worldguard and so this plugin wouldn't attempt to interfere.(OR other plugins have a function already intergrated)


    /force setspawn *Sets the onjoin spawn and respawn for void
    /force spawn *check the set location*
    /force nofood <world>

    force.setspawn *Default: op*
    force.spawn *Default: true*
    force.nofood *Default: op*

    Give me idea's :D

Recent Updates

  1. Bug fixes
  2. Made it accually save the worlds X)
  3. Food Check