ForceResourcePack [MC 1.9+]

Want to put all of your servers players on the same resource pack? Well heres the plugin!

  1. Digital
    Lightweight and easy to setup!​


    • Lightweight plugin
    • Fully customizable
    • Easy to setup
    • Fixes the ESC bypass
    • Cannot bypass the force!
    • Force resource pack to all players!
    • Simple!
    • /frp reload - Reloads the plugin
    • /frp version - Displays the plugin version


    • frp.bypass - Bypasses the forcing of resource pack
    • frp.reload - Permission to reload the plugin

    Code (Text):
    #Made by Digital on spigot

    #Download to your resource pack
    resource-pack: ''

    #Do you want players to be forced to use the pack
    force-resource: true

    #Sent before the resource pack yes/no
    join-message: '&eAttempting to send the resource pack...'

    #Message when successfully enabled the pack
    success-message: '&aSuccessfully enabled the resource pack!'

    #Commands sent when player has enabled the pack
    #Commands are sent by the console
    # <player> for player name
    # <uuid> for player uuid
                - 'msg <player> thanks for enabling the resource pack!'

    #Do you want to kick players if they decline the resource pack?
    kick-players: true
    kick-message: 'You must enable the resource pack!'

    This plugin will ONLY work on 1.8 as the packets were released in this minecraft version. It also requires ProtocolLib 3.6+!

    Code (Text):
    ResourceHandler.hasResourcePack(Player player) - Will return true/false if the player has the resource pack enabled

    ResourceHandler.sendResourcePack(Player player) - Will send the resource pack (defined in the config) to the player

    Place the FRP.jar into your servers plugin folder and restart the server!

    Feel free to PM me any suggestions or post below!

    Need help with any of my plugins? PM me here on spigot!​

Recent Reviews

  1. BionixGamer
    Version: [MC 1.9+]
    Awesome! But can you tell me, how to make new line on kick message? thank you so much!
    1. Digital
      Author's Response
      Use \n to make a new line, example: "First line \n Second line \n Third line"
  2. Apexpro0
    Version: [MC 1.8]
    Great plugin, works great!
    But will be awesome to add a "Reset-Pack" feature for Bungee Networks.
    Nice Job!
  3. Mistri
    Version: [MC 1.8]
    Amazing plugin, it's the only one that works out of all of the ForceResourcePacks that I've seen. Lightweight yet fully customizable! Thanks so much! :D
  4. WaterXCubic
    Version: [MC 1.8]
    Good nice plugin,but i suggest permission supported :D
    Nice plugin tho,R8ed 5