ForceUpdate Notification 1.3

Notify your users of new features, or changes and get them to agree!

  1. maldahleh
    This plugin is based off a request which can be found here: by @MineCove

    This plugin allows a server owner/administrator to force a user to agree to a certain update, all the features of this plugin are configurable. In the case you want a new term for someone to agree to, you need to clear the accepted: section in the config.yml file of this plugin.

    Limit all interactions when a user has not agreed to terms including but not limited to breaking blocks, chatting, and using commands.

    - /forceupdate reload - Reloads configuration file (OP/Permission: forceupdate.reload)
    - /forceupdate check - Returns whether user is confirmed or not

    Config (you can colour messages using &<colour code>, ex &c):
    enabled - whether this plugin is enabled or not, this value must be either true or false and nothing else. If it is set to false, even those who haven't agreed won't be made to agree since this assumes that you don't want the plugin to preform the checks since you have nothing to update your users on.
    usetimer - whether you want the timer enabled, periodic reminders to confirm
    disablemessageonmove - whether to disable messages on move that tell the people to confirm, since people reported it spams the player at times
    delayedloginmessage - whether the plugin should delay the login message by 3 seconds on login
    timerseconds - time in seconds for the timer broadcast to be sent to the player
    prefix - prefix used with all messages, if you want specific messages to have a prefix while specific messages to not, then set this to blank so '' and use prefixes with the individual messages specified below.
    functionalityunrestored - message sent by the timer to the players, if timer is enabled
    youmustagree - message sent to the user when they try to preform an action when they are not verified.
    youmustagreeterm - the term you want the user to enter to agree to the update
    youmustagreelogin - message sent to user on login when a feature update is in effect that they need to agree to
    youagreed - message sent to player when they agree to an update
    accepted - Do not modify unless you want to reset people who accepted the update message, the plugin keeps track of players here. Leave the 100 as a placeholder, though feel free to modify the data under the - '100'.

    Users exempt from agreeing:
    Users who previously agreed to the update.
    - Users who are OP
    - Users with the permission node forceupdate.bypass

    Feature Requests:
    This plugin is very light on server load, I do not plan on expanding it much in the future as I plan on leaving it as light as possible. If you have any specific feature requests, feel free to send me a PM or leave a reply in the Discussion section.

    Reporting Bugs:
    If you find a bug with this plugin, please send me a PM or reply in the discussion section with an error log in pastebin, as well as the server jar [Ex. Spigot, Bukkit] and version you are running of the jar [Ex. 1.7.9]. This plugin is tested for the most part and errors/bugs should rarely occur.

    *Note: this plugin was compiled with the Spigot protocol hack though should work on 1.7, 1.8 or the protocol hack.

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Recent Reviews

  1. MineCove
    Version: 1.1
    Excellent plugin! Works exactly as intended, fantastic if you are looking for a way to make sure your players know about any change! 10/10