Fork of PsudoCommands, updated version 1.0.27

Adds the ability to use the base-game @ function for plugins that may not support them.

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    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    Source Code:

    This resource is a fork of PsudoCommand. Zombie Striker took a break from programming and authorized developpers to fork the initial project. I updated and added some features to the original plugin.

    This resource will no longer be supported when Zombie Strike will be back.

    PsudoCommands is a plugin that uses 3 commands : /psudo, /psudouuid, /psudoas. You can add vanilla selectors in arguments. Each selector will be replaced by the name or the UUID of targeted entity. You can add relative ~ ~ ~ or local ^ ^ ^ coordinates according to the sender.

    Selector supported:
    [type=] [r=] [rm=] [c=] [w=] [m=] [name=] [l=] [lm=] [h=] [hm=] [rx=] [rxm=] [ry=] [rym=] [team=] [score_---=] [score_---_min=] [x] [y] [z] [dx] [dy] [dz] [gamemode=] [limit=] [x_rotation] [y_rotation] [tag=] [scores={}] [level=]

    Note : m, r rm, rx rxm, ry rym, l lm, score_--- score_---_min are old format from 1.12-. They are respectively replaced by gamemode, distance, x_rotation, y_rotation, level, scores={}, in vanilla 1.13+.
    Try to use newer tags if you run on 1.13+

    • /psudo <command>: -Issues the command as the sender. Replace a selector with the name of targeted entities.
    • /psudouuid <command>: -Issues the command as the sender. Replace a selector with the UUID of targeted entities.
    • /psudoas <sender> <command>: - Issues the command as the sender specified. Entities other than players cannot send a command due to internal behavior of bukkit

    Example of usage:
    • /psudo say Hello there @r
    • /psudoas @a[distance=3..10] god : activates the god to all players in a minimum distance of 3 blocks and maximum 10 blocks if you have another plugin with /god.
    • /psudouuid kill @e[type=pig,distance=..10] : similar to /kill @e[type=pig,distance=..10]
    • /psudouuid laser @e[distance=..30,type=armor_stand] @e[distance=..30,type=armor_stand] : If you have a plugin command that creates a laser between two entities, this command creates a laser between every near armor stands only if the command accepts UUIDs as target.

    • psudocommand.* -Allows access all psuso commands
    • psudocommand.psudo - Allows access to the "/psudo" command
    • psudocommand.psudouuid - Allows access to the "/psudouuid" command
    • psudocommand.psudoas - Allows access to the "/psudoas" command.

    Changelog since the last official version :

    Optimized team=, scores= to find a Team or an Objective
    Fixed scores={objective!=min..max}
    Fixed name= not working on players (their CustomName is null)
    Fixed get distance of non player entities
    Console has now a location at default world's spawn

    Fixed some usage of distance in min..max in selector, like 0.1..10.

    Added /psudoasraw command that ignore selectors and relative coordinates ~ ^ in command, to only parse the sender selector.

    Fixed error when a @ is used in the command but not as selector.

    Fixed specific issue with local or relative coordinates.

    Fixed issue when a selector doesn't have argument with e.g. only @e[] or @e.

    Selectors can now have spaces between their tags.

    Fixed some bugs with coordinates and code improvement

    Fixed [type=] if the given type contains 'minecraft:'

    Added TabCompleter for the list of available loaded commands and their arguments.

    Added an error message if the sender has no permission
    Optimized code

    Added [gamemode=], identical to [m=]
    Added [dx=] [dy=] [dz=] with almost same behavior than vanilla
    Fixed [x=] [y=] [z=] with floats

    Added support for local coordinates ^
    Fixed /psudoas with more than one entity as sender
    Fixed relative coordinates
    Fixed [limit=] and [c=]
    Fixed [tag=] for non-player entities
    Fixed [score_---=] [score_---_min=] [scores={}] for non-player entities
    Fixed [x_rotation=] and [y_rotation=]
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