Fortune Plus FortunePlus-1.5.jar

Lets fortune enchants work for every block specified.

  1. xAfflict
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Fortune Plus allows players on your server to use the fortune enchant on every type of block that would normally drop an item.

    • config.yml <-- Allows you to add blocks to be affected by fortune and define behaviors and constraints.
    • Use "- all" to allow every block to be affected.

    • /fortuneplus info <-- Provides a list of blocks in the config.
    • /fortuneplus add (block) <-- Adds a block to the list.
    • /fortuneplus remove (block) <-- Removes a block from the list.
    • /fortuneplus mode [teleport | natural] <-- Sets the mode when blocks break.
    • /fortuneplus maxlevel (level) <-- Sets the max level fortune will work for.
    • /fortuneplus reset <-- Resets the config.
    • /fortuneplus info <-- (Or be a server operator.)
    • /fortuneplus add <-- fortuneplus.add (Or be a server operator.)
    • /fortuneplus remove <-- fortuneplus.remove (Or be a server operator.)
    • /fortuneplus mode <-- fortuneplus.mode (Or be a server operator.)
    • /fortuneplus maxlevel <-- fortuneplus.maxlevel (Or be a server operator.)
    • /fortuneplus reset <-- fortuneplus.reset (Or be a server operator.)
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Recent Reviews

  1. Darutan
    Version: FortunePlus-1.4.jar
    Nice little plugin, one of a kind. Works as advertised. You add a block to the list and get the opportunity to break it with a tool with the "fortune" enchantment to get more drops.
  2. p1an2ed
    Version: FortunePlus-1.4.jar
    Excellent plugin and easy to use. I really liked ''-all'' feature, hope to see it on 1.12
  3. Amandusjf
    Version: FortunePlus-1.2.jar
    Really nice and simple plugin that is perfect for prison servers. And other servers that needs this. Dev is also really nice and helpful. Would Recommend