Fortune v.01

Fortune: reads random fortunes on command or login.

  1. null_ptr
    This plugin reads random fortunes from the famous BSD/UNIX fortune.
    Please keep in mind some fortunes have dark or mature themes.

    Allows users to read themselves a fortune
    Allows users to add a Fortune to their MOTD (reads a fortune on each login)
    Notifies users that the plugin is installed (once) and how to use it.
    Saves user set login option between restarts/resets.
    Turned off by default users have to turn it on themselves.
    • A list of permissions that your plugin uses
    No Permissions needed.
    • List of commands
    /fortune - reads random fortune
    /lfortune - toggles login fortunes​
    • Setup information or configuration options
    Just place Fortune.jar in your plugin folder

    • Source Code
    • To Do's (things I am working on )

    Add permission support.
    Add Auto-update.
    Add Color support
    Add fortune type support like the original program.
    A couple of surprises also.
    Open to suggestions.​