FortuneEconomyVault 1.0.1

Vault implementation for single/proxy based servers

  1. AnAngryApple
    Native Minecraft Version:
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    • 1.16
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    FortuneEconomyVault is a plugin I designed to work with either single servers, or proxy based servers. It uses a single currency across your server(s) and can be stored either as JSON or in a MySQL database.

    If you have further suggestions for improving the plugin, check the GitHub page and make an issue! If it's something I feel makes sense for the plugin I'll add it.

    • /bal <target>
    • /money <target>
    • /balance <target>
    Permission: fconomy.command.balance.check
    Description: Used to check a users balance.
    • /bal add
    • /money add
    • /balance add
    Permission: fconomy.command.balance.add
    Description: Used to add to a users balance.
    • /bal remove
    • /money remove
    • /balance remove
    Permission: fconomy.command.balance.remove
    Description: Used to remove money from a users balance.
    • /bal set
    • /money set
    • /balance set
    Permission: fconomy.command.balance.set
    Description: Used to set the users balance.
    • /baltop
    • /moneytop
    • /balancetop
    Permission: fconomy.command.baltop
    Description: Check and see who has the most money on the server.
    • /bal pay
    • /money pay
    • /balance pay
    Description: allows the user to pay money to another account.

    Config Options

    • Default: JSON
    • Can be either MYSQL or JSON. Determines the type of storage to use to store user data.

    • Default: Empty
    • If you wanted to use flat file for a global balance between servers you can set a relative path and then make all configs point to that path to pull the data from. Not recommended, just an option.

    • Default: Empty
    • Config options for setting up your MySQL database.

Recent Updates

  1. Logging and Bstats