FortuneOverride 1.2.4

Enables fortune enchantment to more blocks

  1. ServersMC
    ServersMC, DennisLysenko
    This plugin is abandoned. Please message me if you want this project to be continued. (Reason: Low demand)
    Time for some extensions for the Fortune Enchantment. Have a prison server? Great! Because this works best with prison servers! With a custom made ACCURATE percentage chance, just like the real enchantment with Ore's! There is no set up what so ever! And just to be safe, even if players place down the block, the enchantment wont work! The enchantment only applies to blocks that are generated from non-player block-place! So your safe from the duplication glitch!

    Go into config file and enter the item ids for the blocks you want the Fortune Override to take affect on!

    Code (Text):
    * Able to chose which blocks are the Fortune Override allowed on!
    * Safe so the blocks placed, will not be applied!
    * Same chances for more than one drop, is exactly the same as Minecrafts origingal setup!
    Code (Text):
    ## This is customizable! Please enter the block ID!
    ## To find block ID's go to this website!
    - 22
    - 41
    - 57
    - 133
    - 152
    - 173
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Recent Updates

  1. Compatible with WorldGuard!
  2. Added logging options!
  3. Updated Configs

Recent Reviews

  1. Porkchop
    Version: 1.2.4
    You can dupe blocks by placing them by hand and mining them again. Don't get this for a survival server.
  2. min3craft308
    Version: 1.2.4
    Works fine for me, Great plugin just what i need!
  3. McIsTheLimit
    Version: 1.2.4
    Whatever blocks you have in the list, you can break in a spawn even if it's protected...
    1. ServersMC
      Author's Response
      Ill fix soon
  4. nuggs13
    Version: 1.2.3
    Breaks blocks protected by world guard...
    1. ServersMC
      Author's Response
      Ill fix that, It'll be nice if you can tell me to fix that before hand before makeing a bad review :(