Forum-Bridge - the Bulletin Board Bridge | Deprecated 1.0.4b

Sync your permission groups to your forum groups!

  1. Favorlock
    I will not provide support for any of my plugins marked Deprecated. I'm no longer working on this project.

    The all-in-one forum bridging solution. OKB3 originally created by Kalman Olah, OKB3 Renewed created by greatman321, Forum-Bridge created by Favorlock.

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    What is Forum-Bridge?
    Bulletin Board Bridge, or OKB3 as Kalman Olah dubbed it, is a forum bridging plugin that currently allows you to whitelist/blacklist your server, set Permissions 3.x.x, PermissionsEx, GroupManager, bPermissions, permissionsBukkit groups based on forum ranks, promote/demote players on both the server and your forums, mirror forum and server nicknames, mirror forum and server bans, reward forum posts with BoseConomy, iConomy or EssentialsEcon currency, and more!

    Required Plugins

    To Do
    Add support for Woltlab Burning Board and PunBB
    Implement In-Game Registration
    Server Group > Forum Sync

Recent Updates

  1. Fix Plugin.yml