Fount of Evil A (build 20150105)

Set custom spawns for hostile mobs in your RPG castles and dungeons. Awesome.

  1. ralphhogaboom
    Designed for Spigot 1.8. Requires SQLibrary 7.1+.

    Fount of Evil lets you choose any location to spawn hostile mobs - perfect for guaranteeing your dungeons and boss levels are packed with exactly the mobs you want. Spawn a single wither in the top of the castle, or spawn endermites at the gates - the choices are yours. Simple in-game commands let you quickly create and remove these spawn points, or founts .... of EVIL.

    Spawn zombies, pigmen, wither, endermites, blazes, giants, skeletons, spiders, cavespiders, blazes, silverfish, and more - in any location you wish.

    Example Uses
    For an extra bonus, create an enchanted diamond sword. Seal it up in a dark castle, and use WorldGuard to make it so players can't break or place blocks. Put some parkour in between players and the sword - now, using Fount of Evil, set a single wither to spawn in the top of the castle. Move on down, and put 4 skeletons on the castle towers. Finally, put cave spiders in the sewer entrance, and a whole mess of silverfish at the castle gates. Now, when players approach the castle, they'll need to pass those mobs - and still beat the parkour - while the skeletons on the towers are shooting at them! And they still have the wither to beat. Now we're talking challenge.

    /fount list - lists all founts (ie, mob spawn locations) currently in the database

    /fount add <mob> <amount> <description> - creates a fount where the player stands, with the mob type and amount.

    /fount delete <id> - removes the fount from the database.

    /fount tpto <name> - teleports the player directly to the fount location. Useful for remembering what fount was where.

    fountofevil.admin - lets players list, create, delete, and teleport to founts.

    The config has three field values:

    debug: false (default)

    Toggles the console / server log debug output. If you're having errors, turn this on. It might give you an idea what's going on.

    maxSpawnMobs: 10 (default)

    Set this to any number, but this is the maximum number of mobs that will spawn at any point. Keeps you from nerfing your server (if you accidentally type /fount add wither 9999 instead of /fount add wither 9, for example.

    maxFounts: 10 (default)

    Set this to a number that matches the number of founts you want to have. Any decent server should be able to handle 20-30 founts without slowing down, but this default limit keeps you from nerfing your server while you're getting acquainted with the plugin.

    Source Code
    Patches, forking, etc welcomed at Drop me a line if you're using the plugin - I'd love to hear about it if it's something that works for you.