Fountain of Youth 1.1.0-ALPHA

Stop any animal you want from ever aging!

  1. Sgt_Snyder
    This plugin allows the user to make an existing animal a baby forever quickly and easily! Lets face it. Baby cows are too cute to let them grow up.

    This is an early alpha release so the interface is likely to change and the functionality will definitely be improved! Currently you can set any entity, regardless of age, to a baby and they will be a baby permanently. There is currently no way to set the duration of it's youth. I am posting this to see if there is any interest for me to develop further! Please leave feedback and feel free to check out my other plugins :)

    foyouth.enchant.youth: Allowed to use youth subcommand
    foyouth.enchant.aging: Allowed to use aging subcommand
    foyouth.enchant.*: Allowed to use all enchanting subcommands
    foyouth.commands.*: Allowed to use all general subcommands (currently only help)

    /foyouth help - display help page
    /foyouth youth - enchant the current item in your hand with Youth I

    /foyouth aging - enchant the current item in your hand with Aging I

    The enchanted item must be a splash potion! It should not matter if there are any other enchantments, and they will still remain effective. Simply splash an animal (or any ageable entity) and they will become a baby!

    Future plans:

    • Add ability to create a literal fountain of youth
    • Add time duration of effect
    • Add config for what mobs can be effected
    • Change interface for enchanting
    I need your help!
    Please let me know if there are any ideas you have for how I can further develop this plugin! Leave feedback and let me know how I'm doing :) Also feel free to check out my other plugins! Thank you everyone for the support