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Fully customizable tree generator

  1. Kilrobot
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
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    Create fully randomized trees

    What does this plugin do?
    Fractal trees is a custom tree generation plugin that allows the user to generate fully random trees with over 14 customizable parameters! The trees are generated with a space colonization algorithm to make sure that each tree is unique!

    /tt create frac 70 70 250 10 20 20 150 true stripped_crimson_hyphae pink_stained_glass_pane 2 1 false
    /tt create frac 30 30 50 3 10 10 25 true stripped_crimson_stem cyan_stained_glass 1 1 false
    Feel free to send me screenshots!

    Bugs and feature request

    Reporting bugs and requesting features can be done in the discussion tab.


    If you would like to support me feel free to donate!


    This plugin was developed by Kilrobot, I got the idea for the plugin here.

    This plugin doesn't have any dependencies and should work for any Minecraft version above 1.13

    Commands and permissions
    There is only one command /tt all the subcommands are
    • /tt Get the tool
    • /tt create [args] Create a tree with parameters
    • /tt info <tree> Get the info of a tree
    • /tt save <tree> Save the current tree
    • /tt select <tree> Choose a tree to select
    • /tt list Gives a list of all the trees
    • /tt delete <tree> Delete a tree
    • /tt undo <num> Undo certain amount of trees
    • /tt help Shows the help message
    • /tt create frac 30 30 50 3 10 10 25 true oak_wood oak_leaves 1 1 false Default tree command
    /tt create [type] Width Height BranchDensity BranchMinLength BranchMaxLength StemLength GrowItterations LogRotate [BranchMaterial] [LeafMaterial] LeafPerBranch BranchThickness LeavesReplaceLogs

    If you want to test new arguments i would suggest not changing BranchMinLength and BranchMaxLength as they can easily be changed to an invalid value.
    If your tree is too small, try adjusting the GrowItterations value to a higher number.
    For bigger trees you can change the BranchThickness to change the thickness of the stem, for smaller trees changing the BranchThickness to a higher number can make the tree look weird.


    • treegenerator.tool /tt command
    • treegenerator.tool.use Use the tool
    • treegenerator.create Create subcommand
    • Save subcommand
    • Select subcommand
    • Info subcommand
    • Help subcommand
    • treegenerator.delete Delete subcommand
    • treegenerator.list List subcommand
    • treegenerator.undo Undo subcommand
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Recent Updates

  1. Code refactoring + bug fixes
  2. LeavesOverwriteLogs
  3. Multiple materials

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      Thanks! :)
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    Version: 1.1.0
    Great plugin! It's really fun to play around with the values when making a tree and you can make really cool trees!
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      Thanks for the review :)
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    Version: 1.1.0
    a very nice plugin and the author is very responsive.
    theres amazing tree customization potential <3
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      Thanks for the review!
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    Amazing plugin. =)
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      Thanks :D