Fractal Trees | Tree Generator 1.3.1

Fully customizable tree generator

  1. Code refactoring + bug fixes

    • Switched to java 8
    • Fixed a couple of exceptions when not providing arguments to commands
    • Undoing a tree now saves the block data (rotated blocks)
    • More code refactoring
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  2. LeavesOverwriteLogs

    - Code refactoring
    - Fixed the double firing of the place tree event
    - Added leavesOverwriteLogs parameter to specify if logs should be replaced while generating leaves
  3. Multiple materials

    Added support for multiple materials in the branches and leaves. To do this you should comma separate the materials.
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  4. Branch Thickness

    Added a branch thickness parameter for larger trees
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  5. Made material tab-complete lowercase

    Changed the tab complete in the command so the materials are now lowercase.
  6. Fixed IOException + Made undo list per player

    - Fixed misleading IOException when creating the config file.
    - Made the undo feature per player so people can't undo other peoples trees.