Fractions 1.0

Old school factions for those who dislike the current factions meta

  1. swizzle1999
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Are you sick of factions servers where it is essential to build a giant obsidian cube covered in water, in the hopes of not getting raided by someone with a masters degree in TNT cannoning? Would you rather go back to traditional PVP centric gameplay where you actually need to kill someone to raid their base? This plugin aims to emulate that experience.

    The plugin was originally developed as a fun game mode for a group of my close friends to play. We all agreed that we hated the traditional factions meta, and would much rather build nice looking and interesting bases while killing each other in hopes of raiding. This plugin is designed to have spawn centric gameplay, forcing players to stay within a reasonable range of the spawn in order to pay taxes. It would also be a good place to put a shop! Having the tax chunk at spawn tends to stop players running millions of blocks away and avoiding PVP.

    • Disabling TNT to stop the TNT cannon meta. No longer do you need to build massive water walls around obsidian cubes. Go and build a castle if you want!
    • Tax System. Taxes came as a kind of fix to disabling TNT. With TNT cannons no longer working a player could theoretically never leave their base, never die and therefor never loose power making them impossible to raid. Taxes require the player to leave their base and travel to spawn ensuring players must travel into the wilderness at some point making them vulnerable and open to attack. if a player does not pay their taxes their entire faction will begin to slowly lose power which allows you to then claim their land and raid their base. This also acts as a sort of anti AFK mechanism. Factions cannot leave the server for weeks at a time and expect to come back to a perfectly intact base. By default the tax chunk is 0, 0 but this can be changed with "/fr admin taxChunk" (Will require server restart or plugin reload)
    • The ability to disable certain features in Minecraft which make PVP easier to run away from. Examples of these include the ability to ban elytra's and ender pearls. It is common for players to use these items to get away from PVP. Disabling elytra's also has the added benefit of forcing players to walk everywhere which in testing resulted in bases being built closer to each other allowing for more action.
    • The ability to disable ender chests. This was implemented to stop players hoarding all of their valuable goods inside an ender chest essentially ensuring they can never be fully raided. There is now much more incentive to protect your base or have a secondary stash hidden elsewhere
    • Anti Combat Logging. This ensures that when a player is fighting with another player they cannot simply log off to avoid dying. If a player logs off while in combat they will be killed, lose power and all of their items will drop on the ground.

    If you want to configure any aspect of the plugin please edit "config.yml". The rest of the config files are primarily for data storage.

    For more details about how the gameplay of this plugin works you can refer to this google doc

    "/help Fractions" can also be used to get a list of commands

    Disclaimer: This is not some massive project that has been thoroughly tested and polished. This plugin likely has many bugs, as previously stated this was primarily made as a fun game mode for me and my friends to play however, I thought some other people may find it fun, hence why it is being posted here. Feel free to post any bugs you find and I will try my best to quickly patch them in my free time. This plugin is far from the most user friendly plugin you will ever see, there is no nice in game UI or anything like that but if enough people enjoy this plugin I would love to keep updating it and adding new features.

    Please feel free to leave any suggestions, features you want or bugs you find feel free to leave it in a comment and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible

Recent Reviews

  1. Spookqly
    Version: 1.0
    Nice plugin works as expected, gives that good feeling of what factions used to be, definitely worth trying out as gives a unique dynamic to your server that keeps you apart from thousands of factions servers out there.