Frag - Free 1.0

Free version of the snowball minigame for lobbies plugin "Frag"!

  1. Yupie
    Frag - Free
    Important: Frag Free is the free version of the paid plugin "Frag". Frag is currently under development and this plugin is a sneak preview of it. This is NOT the final plugin! The final plugin will have dozens of more features. Leave a suggestion in the discussion area.

    Frag Free is a simple plugin intended to be used on a lobby or hub server (Although you can use it anywhere else aswell). The goal is to shoot the other player with your Fragger gun. Once you hit someone you'll gain a kill. You can see all your kills in the /frag info command. Everyone inside the frag game has snow on their head. You can join the frag game by using /frag join and leave by using /frag leave.


    • A fully automated snowball fight system
    • Custom weapon: Fragger
    • Fancy snow particles when using the fragger
    • Join and leave commands
    • Info command for some stats
    • Setting custom spawn for when killed
      • If you don't set a spawn, it will default to the world spawn
    • Players can't kill themselves
    • Some config options
    Some features to come with the official version:
    • A LOT more configurable options such as custom messages, enable/disable features, custom item names, snowball speed and more
    • More stats such as deaths, K/D, shots and more
    • More weapons to shoot with
    • A fully integrated shop system along with tokens earned by killing people.
    • Custom sounds
    • More administration commands such as /frag stats <player> and more
    • More permissions
    • Better mechanism for saving inventories
    • ...

    /frag: Shows a list of commands
    /frag info: Shows basic stats about the game (Amount of players and amount of kills)
    /frag join: Joins the frag game
    /frag leave: Leaves the frag game
    /frag setspawn: Sets the frag spawn


    frag.admin: Used for the /frag setspawn command

    Config options

    clear-inventory-on-leave: To clear the inventory of the player when they leave the game. Default = true
    clear-inventory-on-join: To clear the inventory of the player before they join the game. Default = true

    (A better mechanism will be included in the official plugin)

    Suggestions / Problems

    If you have any suggestions, feel free to send me a message or post it in the discussion area. Suggestions might either be included in the official version (which has yet to be released) or this current free version.

    Most of the mistakes are PERSONAL mistakes and not my fault but simply a mistake made while setting up the plugin. Additionally, I do try to fix mistakes ASAP and my response time is less than 48 hours to fix a small bug. Please be patient and write a discussion post or send me a message before leaving a bad review.