FrameBarrels BETA 1.5

An epic way to store huge amount of items in one block!

  1. Roro
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.10
    This plugin provides an epic and easy way to store items of one type in a single block. This plugin is an imitation of popular Minecraft mod named JABBA.
    This plugin is still under development and may contain bugs!

    - Storing items in barrel
    - Storing items with data values and damaged durability
    - Show stored item type in item frame
    - Showing number of items in barrel above item frame
    - Rotating item in item frame
    - Crafting recipe for barrel
    - Resistance toward fire, explosions, projectiles etc.
    - Protecting barrel from other players
    - Managing per barrel permissions
    - Barrel drops it's item when breaked
    - Support for all vanilla wood types
    - Customize most of the texts and messages in the plugin

    Usage of barrels:
    RIGHT CLICK - Stores item/items in your hand to a barrel
    SHIFT + RIGHT CLICK - Opens barrel options
    LEFT CLICK - Takes out 1 stack of items from a barrel
    SHIFT + LEFT CLICK - Takes 1 item out of a barrel

    Commands and Permissions:
    framebarrels.* - All FrameBarrels permissions
    framebarrels.admin - Alerts when plugin fails to connect to database, /fb reloadlang command
    framebarrels.user - User permissions like putting items in barrel, taking them out, creating a barrel... Actually contains all permissions, that are not in framebarrels.admin
    /barrel - framebarrels.create - Used to create a barrel ,type /barrel again to exit barrel creation mode
    /removebarrel - framebarrel.remove - Used to remove a barrel
    /protectbarrel - framebarrels.protect - Used to protect a barrel
    If you want to learn more about permissions look below.
    /fb help - Info about /fb commands
    /fb addpermission <player> <permission> - framebarrels.barrelpermissions.add - Adds permission to player for next barrel you right click on
    /fb removepermission <player> - framebarrels.barrelpermissions.remove - Removes permission from player for next barrel you right click on
    /fb listpermissions - framebarrels.barrelpermissions.list - Lists all permissions set for next barrel you click on
    /fb reloadlang - Reloads the lang.yml config file
    More commands are here and will be added soon

    Crafting recipes:

    You can put any vanilla wood logs of the same type instead of the oak logs shown in the picture to create different looking barrel.

    Barrel permissions:

    Using barrel permissions you can determine who has access where and to what. You can find commands for adding, listing and removing permissions in commands section. You use the command and than the action is performed for the next barrel you right click on. There are 3 permissions you can grant to player: Interact, Edit and All. Each permission has all allowances of the lower ones (the lowest is Interact).
    Ineract: Allows player to put items into barrel and take items out of it
    Edit: Allows player to change barrel settings (currently only rotating the item in item frame)
    All: All permissions excluding managing permissions, but including removing the barrel and unprotecting it

    Global permissions:
    Explanation comming soon...

    This plugin requires MySQL database to work!
    1. Download the plugin
    2. Put it in plugins folder as any other plugin
    3. Start/Restart/Reload the server to let plugin generate it's config file
    4. Enter your MySQL database data into the config
    5. Restart/Reload the server
    6. Now you can enjoy the plugin!

    Planned features:
    - Upgrading barrels
    - Rotating barrels
    - Moving barrels
    - Possibly saving data to file instead of MySQL data for those who want
    - Redstone control
    - Statistics (Existing barrels in worlds, Amount of items stored in barrels on whole server...)
    - Commands tab completion
    - Protection bypass
    - Double click to add all items of the same type to the barrel
    - An option to save data in a file instead of MySQL

    If you found any bug in my plugin or have an idea about the plugin please contact me! Ways to reach me:
    - by PM here on spigotmc
    - add me on skype - roroslovakia
    - write me an email to [email protected]
    If you want to get the latest news about development of this plugin, follow me on my twitter.

    Images and some ideas by Tim3Game, creator of PokeMe.

    Don't forget to leave a good rating, if you like the plugin. ;)

    It is prohibited to edit or redistribute this plugin without my exclusive permission. You are allowed to link to this page, but not directly to download or to download on a different website.

    I apologise for any mistakes made in this text or in the plugin, English is not my native language.

Recent Reviews

  1. ExtremModz
    Version: BETA 1.5
    kann mir jemand erklären wie man MySQL macht weil ich habe das noch nie gemacht habe es auch noch nie gebraucht
  2. Nathan2439
    Version: BETA 1.1
    Very good idea, i love to see people take concepts from mods and make then into plugins, not many people do this, and i feel when people try to make spigot feel like a modpack it really shows how unique something can be, keep up the nice work dude!


    also if i could add a few suggestions:

    If your working in beta atm, add your
    source code so people can give you
    suggestions from your own code to
    add into the plugin,

    i would also recommend looking into the
    JABBA plugin completely and looking at
    everything they did add
    -though i think you have already done that :3

    it would be good to instead of having a command
    for the barrels to instead make them a craftable
    recipe, though i think you have already thought
    of this :3
    if i remember the recipes were mostly vanilla
    items and a barrel would sometimes go in the middle
    for upgrading, making a custom workbench
    might be easier then trying to work with
    NBT and normal crafting tables,
    take a look at slimefun and she how mrcookieslime
    made his customcrafting tables, you could
    more likely then not decompile the jar
    to see what he did


    but in all fairness.. i love this idea and the concept
    in general of having mods in the form of
    plugins, keep up the good work and thanks
    for sharing your plugin with us
    1. Roro
      Author's Response
      Thank you so much for making so long review on my plugin! I really did think about most of the things you said, I will definitely continue working on this plugin
  3. Marvin17005
    Version: BETA 1.1
    Excellent Plugin! Please add the Feature to Enchant! :) <3 I love it and my SkyPvP Community is so excited. Frames are more beautiful than Signs.
    1. Roro
      Author's Response
      Thanks for review! This really motivates me to do more work on this. :)
  4. Tim3Game
    Version: BETA 1.0
    Very good and lightway plugin. This is a good imitation of the JABBA mod, and i like the upcoming functions.