FrameBarrels BETA 1.5

An epic way to store huge amount of items in one block!

  1. BETA 1.4 - Functionality update

    Hello, after a long long time another update is here and it brigs us some nice new features!

    - Items with data value or damaged durability can now be stored in a barrel
    - Added support for all vanilla wood types, you can now make barrels with the same recipe, just change the wood logs!
    - When you destoroy an empty barrel, it will drop a Frame Barrel item from now

    WARNING! Creating barrel using chest will create an Oak Frame Barrel no matter what type of wood will you put in the chest and with dark oak and acacia wood it will fail to create the barrel.
    I may remove creating barrel using chest in the future, please tell me if you think I should do it or I shouldn't.
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