FrameBarrels BETA 1.5

An epic way to store huge amount of items in one block!

  1. BETA 1.5 - Language update!

    Finally, that language update promised for long time is here!

    - Added new config file lang.yml
    - Added ability to configure most of the messages and texts contained in the plugin using the lang.yml file
    - Added command /fb reloadlang to quickly reload the language config file
    - Changed some default messages
    - Added advanced MySQL option for more advanced MySQL settings
    - Added permissions framebarrels.reloadlang and framebarrels.user
    - You can now take all remaining items in the barrel using left click, when there is less than 64 of them
    - Plugin now attempts to connect to MySQL 3 times before giving up
    - Added [FrameBarrels] prefix to all messages outputed to console by the plugin
    - Removed long errors in console when MySQL connection fails
    - Fixed few minor bugs

    This is a big update even when not counting the new messages customization feature in my opinion! Hope you like it. If you would like to track my development progress witt the next updates follow me on Twitter. If you found any bug or you have an suggestion, send me a PM here on spigotmc, email me on [email protected] or add me on my Skype roroslovakia. :)
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