FrameBarrels BETA 1.5

An epic way to store huge amount of items in one block!

  1. BETA 1.5 - Language update!

    Finally, that language update promised for long time is here!

    - Added new config file lang.yml
    - Added ability to configure most of the messages and texts contained in the plugin using the lang.yml file
    - Added command /fb reloadlang to quickly reload the language config file
    - Changed some default messages
    - Added advanced MySQL option for more advanced MySQL settings
    - Added permissions framebarrels.reloadlang and framebarrels.user
    - You can now take all remaining items...
  2. BETA 1.4 - Functionality update

    Hello, after a long long time another update is here and it brigs us some nice new features!

    - Items with data value or damaged durability can now be stored in a barrel
    - Added support for all vanilla wood types, you can now make barrels with the same recipe, just change the wood logs!
    - When you destoroy an empty barrel, it will drop a Frame Barrel item from now

    WARNING! Creating barrel using chest will create an Oak Frame Barrel no matter what type of wood will you...
  3. BETA 1.3.1 - Bug fixes

    - Fixed bug reported by @teledong
    - Added missing commands to /fb help

    It's a small update, but the bug fixes are always good, no? :)
  4. BETA 1.3 - Security update

    After few weeks another update is here! It brings us much more security for our barrels. All information about per barrel permission system will be published in the resource overview.

    - Barrels are now fire resistant, explosion resistant, projectile resistant, endermen resistant... simply, they should be undestroyable without using commands
    - Added option to protect barrel against other players
    - Added per barrel permissions, so you can set permissions to certain player...
  5. BETA 1.2.1 - Small but neccessary bug fixes!

    - You can now not break barrel block
    - fixed /removebarrel
  6. BETA 1.2 - Crafting, Small options, More worlds support

    WARNING: Any barrels placed in worlds/dimension other than overworld in previous versions will not work in this one! Please remove them before updating!

    - Added crafting recipe for the barrel
    - Added small options menu with total number of items in barrel
    - Added option to rotate item in the item frame
    - Added more worlds support

    Enjoy the update and look forward for more!
  7. BETA 1.1 - Small but needed update

    - Plugin will now generate MySQL table if it does not exist in your databse
    - Fixed mistake that plugin sometimes wrote "databse" instead of "database"