Fredashay's Subway Version 2022

This plugin builds subway tunnels and bridges in your world.

  1. Fredashay
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    • 1.18
    This plugin builds subways across your world. It's really easy to use. In the chat window, type:

    /SUBWAY X=n Y=n Z=n D=N|S|E|W L=n

    You could also spell things out if that's what warps your starship:


    n is any number. The plugin will give you an error message if n is out of range for the parameter.

    If all the parameters are valid, the plugin will build a subway starting at X,Y,Z coords in the specified direction for a length of n blocks. It will build the subway in the dimension you are currently in, be it the World, the Nether, the End, or a custom world.

    The plugin slices time to build the subway, so you can continue playing while the subway is being built without freezing up the server. You will notice there's a split second pause as it builds each slice of subway tunnel. It may take a long time to build a long rail line.

    If you specify, for example, X=* Y=* or Z=*, the plugin will use your current location for these values. If you specify DIRECTION=*, the plugin will build in the direction you are facing, as long as you are facing directly North, South, East or West.

    If your subway is above ground level, support pillars will be placed every 6 blocks under the tracks to create an E.L. They will extend downward until they touch solid ground. If the tracks are over water or lava, the support pillars will extend down into the water or lava until they reach solid ground. But if there is no solid ground, such as in The End, there will be no support pillar.

    If your subway passes through a mountain, tunnel walls will be built around it.

    WARNING! The plugin doesn't detect houses, villages, temples, fortresses, strongholds, portals, sunken ships, mansions, or other players' bases, etc. It will build the subway through anything in the way. Survey your route by eye in Spectator mode before you build!

    You can issue /SUBWAY HALT to halt construction.

    You can issue /SUBWAY RESUME to resume construction that has been halted.


    This plugin creates a file the first time it runs. The properties file contains several default settings for region and tunnel styles.

    If the properties file specifies REGION=USA or REGION=CANADA, the detectors will be placed ahead of the powered rails on the right hand side, so that minecarts will accelerate on the right side and be stopped on the left. If you specify REGION=UK or REGION=JAPAN, the reverse will be true.

    If the properties file specifies ALIGNMENT=, subway lines will be snap to the nearest parallel multiple of that value. The default is 6. For example, if you specify X=13 and Z=8, the plugin will assume you mean X=12 and Z=6. This is so that when subways cross, they will intersect without oddly placed lamp posts and support pillars.

    If the properties file specifies TUNNEL=, this tells the plugin what style you want for your tunnels. The options are CONCRETE or IRON or STONE or WOOD.

    If the properties file specifies BRIDGE=, this tells the plugin what style you want for your bridges and elevated lines. The options are CONCRETE or IRON or STONE or WOOD.

    If the properties file specifies MESSAGE=, this tells the plugin to send a message to the player whenever he is given a SUBWAY book. The default message is, "Thank you for riding Fred A. Rapid Transit!" You may want to change this.

    If the properties file specifies FAST=TRUE, this tells the plugin to place command blocks under the tracks every so often to accelerate the minecarts beyond their normal game speed. This may be useful if you have a ginormous world with far-flung stations. If you wish, you may change the commands in the command blocks to teleport the minecarts directly to the next station without breaking the plugin. You may also want to issue the command: /gamerule commandBlockOutput false or you'll be nagged constantly whenever someone uses the subway.

    Lastly, if you keep the plugin loaded on your server after you build all your subways, it will protect the subway tracks from griefing and hostile mobs. The extent of this protection depends on the PROTECT= value. If you set PROTECT=OFF, there will be no protection, which is best if you are running a private server that only trusted friends will play on or you are
    building a world that is not yet open to the public. If you set PROTECT=MIN, there will be minimal protection protecting the subway from griefing, If you set PROTECT=MAX, the subway will be protected from griefing, and hostile mobs will not be able to harm players riding on the subway. This last option will stress the server if you have a large an complex subway system.


    What about stations, you ask? There are so many opinions regarding stations that I'll never please everyone with a one-size-fits-all station. Some people want an automated station that destroys and stores arriving minecarts and dispenses new ones. Other people want a simple "train station platform" that the carts move past slowly. Yet other people want a programmable system where the player dials their destination and the station dispenses a minecart for them. I can't please everyone, so I won't even try. You have to build your own stations.


    This plugin will give the player a transit guide book when he passes through a turnstile. This feature requires that you also have my BOOK plugin installed. The book must be in your main server directory and be named "BOOK(SUBWAY).TXT". Instructions are in my BOOK plugin describing how to format the file to be turned into a Minecraft written book by the plugin.
    Because turnstiles can come in many shapes and features, I have settled on one particular design that I use on my server. My turnstiles are two iron blocks resting on the floor with a glass block on top of each of the iron blocks and a gold or iron pressure plate on the floor between these objects. The plugin will detect whenever a player steps on a gold or iron pressure plate and then check for the iron blocks and glass blocks adjacent to the pressure plate. If it detects a turnstile when the player steps on the pressure plate, it will give the player a transit guide book if he doesn't already have one. A turnstile can be oriented east/west or north/south. Here's a diagram from the view entering the turnstile:

    Code (Text):

        +-----+     +-----+
        |glass|     |glass|
        |block|     |block|
        +-----+     +-----+
        |iron |     |iron |
        |block| === |block|   That === is a pressure plate on the floor.

    If one subway line crosses another, the plugin doesn't know what you intend to happen and it gets confused, especially if the two lines aren't at the same Y height. You'll have to clean things up and connect the track the way you want.

    It also gets confused when building a tunnel through a cave where the ground is below the track level. Do I build a tunnel here, or a bridge? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Trees are a problem! The plugin will try to prune trees in a sensible manner along the tracks so that you don't see trees simply sliced in half or mangled along the way, or leaves floating in mid-air, but it isn't perfect, such as when the tree-itself isn't in the way but the leaves hang over the right-of-way, or visa-versa. The Minecraft game engine usually notices clumps of leaves floating in mid-air and lets them despawn naturally, but not always. So you will have to do some manual editing along the way. Sorry...

    Water is also a problem. Sometimes a subway will intersect some water and the water will start flowing after the plugin removed the existing block but before it placed the tracks. That may result in some water flowing onto the tracks. I tried using an event to test for water flowing, but water flows all over creation in a Minecraft world, and having an event to trace water in the subway tunnel back to the source block brought the server to its knees. So you may have to do some occasional repairs where water flows onto your tracks while it's being built.

    Sometimes, the subway will disturb loose sand above. Since sand falls in slow motion relative to game ticks, it will land on the subway after that slice has been built and the plugin has moved on, and so the plugin won't detect it. So some clean-up may be necessary. This usually occurs at tunnel entrances in deserts or if the subway passes through a cave or canyon.

    Also, while this may be obvious, building a subway on a busy server may cause your players to complain about "lag." Best to build your subways late at night when nobody is playing.


    I recommend you play around with this plugin on a test server before building subways on your live server. Try building elevated lines, underground tunnels, underwater tunnels, and surface lines, all with each of the different styles. Also mix and match different styles, for example, iron bridges with concrete tunnels for a New York City look, or concrete bridges with stone tunnels for a European look.

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