Free Clicker Skript! 1.0

Clicker Skript, Edit as you please :)

  1. lxfe

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  1. Jxyy
    Version: 1.0
    First of all, why use /spawn in a clicker skript
    Second of all, why use 2 "on right click with cookie:"? You only need one. Have you heard of "else"?
    What kind of cookie clicker would force you to prestige every 15 seconds?
    You don't need 4 different prestige commands!
    If you're smart you can make 1 prestige command and that prestige command can prestige you up to infinity
    Actually theres 3 on right clicks detecting cookies
    TuSKe GUI's are laggy, use vanilla GUI's
    People can get Infinite clickers!

    I deleted my other review to respond to your reply.
    You literally did the "Infinite clicker" thing twice, one of the times you sent a random variable and said to read the entire skript when i did, and the other time you said we can get infinite clickers.
    1. lxfe
      Author's Response
      Why have you still included your following review when I have clarified that. Anyways "Infinite clicker", If you read the description it says edit as you please, If you feel this is not a good way to implement this then you can edit / remove it. You could just stop players from dropping said item and that would be problem solved so if you are unhappy with this part of the script then "edit as you please". Have a good one