FREE <=== Config Join/Quit/Motd/Welcome ===> FREE 1.7

Custom Message : Join/quit/Motd/Welcom || Title welcome and ActionBar welcome/Join/left!

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    Work with spigot 1.8,1.8.1
    Without API !!!!

    !! ATTENTION !!
    Remove your Config.yml

    Change with the new Welcome.jar
    Start/Restart your Server

    *you can choose for different way to join/quit the game*
    *you can choose on Welcome message (First time)*
    *you can choose to add TitleBar to Welcome message*
    *you can choose to add ActionBar to Welcome message*
    *you can choose to add ActionBar dayMessage*
    and more..

    This is a plugin for you !

    • The plugin work without API (integrate )
    • Custom message with (Welcome: '&7Welcome to &6%player')
    • /wreload to reload the message from config file
    • Message send to reload (Reload: '&2Configuration file reloaded!')
    • On/Off the plugin with (Message: true/false)
    • if the player want reload the plugin ('&4you don't have the permission (welcome.reload)'
    • The permission is welcome.reload
    • /wsee - to see the Welcome message
    • /wset (Welcome to %player) - config In game
    • Custom ALL TEXT !!
    • Custom MOTD of the server ! you don't need /reload after do it
    • JoinMessage: ON: True <== put False if you don't want Custom Join and Quit Message !
    • Custom JOIN message !
    • Custom QUIT message !
    • Custom Prefix !
    • Variable %player added for Join, Quit and Welcome message !
    • Write available for all &k, &l, &o, &i, &r, &m, &n, &1, &2, ...
    • You can Choose with TitleEnable: True/False (&6&lSERVER)
    • You can Choose SubtitleEnable: True/false (&4&mWelcome_Here)
    • Custom WelcomeMessage for Title
    • Custom WelcomeMessage SubTitle
    • Support available is &l&m&o&i&n and other Color &1&2&3..
    • /wseemotd - to see Motd in your server
    • /wsetmotd &3My Server is a best - to set the motd in game. now, you don't need to reload your server, just refresh.


    Added :

    • Custom ActionBar Welcome Message
    • Enable or Disable ActionBar thank to Enable: true/false
    • Custom Player Join/left on ActionBar (if you want) [%player = PlayerName]

    To help me Vote and Click on Donate Please :DD

    now, I thinks Its the last update. (without any bug)
    Tell me now :)

    Note: I'm French and it's my First Plugin on Spigot, if you find any bugs please send me the message I will fixe them.


    Capture d’écran 2015-04-11 à 20.34.22.png
    Capture d’écran 2015-04-11 à 21.33.45.png
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    Capture d’écran 2015-04-13 à 23.45.53.png
    The Config File Is :​
    Code (Text):
      'ON': true
      Prefix: '&6[&2Welcome&6]> '
      Welcome: '&7Welcome to &6%player '
      Noperm: '&4you don''t have the permission (welcome.reload)'
      wset: '&3Message define !'
      Reload: '&2Configuration file reloaded !'
      'ON': true
      Join: '&o&l&6====&r &2%player has Joined the game &o&l&6===='
      Quit: '&o&l&6====&r &4%player has left the game &o&l&6===='
    Motd: '&k&l||||| &5My Server is the BEST &r&k&l|||||'
      TitleEnable: true
      WelcomeTitle: '&6&lSERVER'
      fadeintime: '5'
      showtime: '50'
      fadeouttime: '60'
      WelcomeSubtitle: '&4&mWelcome_Here'
      Enable: true
      WelcomeMessage: '&4Welcome to my server'
      DayMessage: '&4Welcome back '
      JoinEnable: true
      JoinMessage: '&5&m>>>>>>&r &6&l%player &2Connected &5&m<<<<<<'
      LeftEnable: true
      LeftMessage: '&5&m<<<<<<&r &6&l%player &4Disconnected &5&m>>>>>>'
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