[FREE] EggWars Mini Game (Remastered) 5.3.9_01

Based on Cubecraft's "EggWars" mini game; Originally by gaelitoelquesito, but I recoded it.

  1. It's been two years!

    Version 5.3.5 adds placeholders, tweaks various features and fixes bugs.

    - Added a plugin warning when eggwars loads from another eggwars version, recommending to update resources.
    - Added placeholder support, more information soon
    - - PlaceholderAPI is now a soft depend of this plugin

    - Placing TNT now causes the tnt to ignite whitout moving
    - Arena setup commands no longer requires arena argument, the arena is now the one you are in
    - - Changed "/ews setLobby <arena name>" to "/ews setArenaLobby"
    - - Removed coordinate arguments from "/ews setTeam<something>"
    - Saving with "/ews toggleEditMode <arena name>" now teleports you to the eggwars lobby instead of kicking
    - Renamed option "onJoin.tpToLobby" to "AutoTpToLobby" at config.yml, and now defaults to true
    - Renamed option "KeepInv" to "KeepInventory"
    - Option "TeamBalance" now defaults to false
    - Changes to the delay when game finishes:
    - - Renamed option "FinishDelayTicks" to "FinishDelaySeconds", and now counts as seconds
    - - New default value is 10 seconds
    - - Players will automatically leave the arena when the time of "FinishDelaySeconds" is reached out
    - - Arena will restart when all players are outside the arena, rather than depending solely on "FinishDelayTicks"

    - Fixed shop double-clicking
    - Team menu now updates when a player leaves the lobby
    - Fixed kit never regenerating when cooldown is enabled
    - "/ews moveTeam <old color> <new color>" now changes the team's color correctly
    - Removed a code duplicate at "/ews toggleEditMode <arena name>" causing the arena to save two times at once

    If you're curious:
    - Exactly today, two years ago, I started editing this plugin from gaelito, until two weeks ago I was encouraged enough to publish it.
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